Thursday, June 17th, 2010
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Calumet Conference Center
Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN

Working Students, Succeeding Students

Call for Proposals: Best Practices Poster Session
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At this conference, practitioners and other professionals in higher education who are committed to promoting the success of working students will explore how to better serve their students through policies and practices informed by understandings and tools derived from new research on the mobile working student of northwest Indiana.

Who are mobile working students and what have we learned about their experiences?

Mobile working students — the new majority in higher education — are students with nonlinear enrollment patterns who work while attending college, commute to campus, and manage multiple pressures from their work, home, and educational commitments. MWSC research on the higher education experiences of mobile working students demonstrates that the educational needs of this new college majority are often not served by policies and practices designed for traditional students — and identifies ways we can serve mobile working students better.

How can we better serve mobile working students?

In this capstone conference of the Mobile Working Student Collaborative (MWSC) project, findings will be presented from the MWSC's three years of research in institutions across Indiana's northwest region. Conference attendees will be invited to participate in conversations about students' experiences balancing the multiple demands of work, family, and college; students' enrollment and attendance patterns moving into, out of, and between higher education institutions; students' perceptions and uses of financial aid; and administrators' and practitioners' perceptions of these student patterns, perceptions, and experiences.

Building on our deeper understandings of student experiences, roundtable discussions will explore how we can apply these understandings in policies and practices to enhance our support of students in their efforts toward success. Discussions will synthesize MWSC's research findings, enabling participants to apply the findings to their specific institutional contexts.

Why should I attend?

By gaining a better understanding of the experiences of students on nontraditional pathways through higher education in northwest Indiana and by sharing best practices and specific, practical recommendations in interactions with practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and others, conference participants will acquire tools to better support their students and enhance their chances for academic success.

How can I attend?

To participate in this conference, please register here. Underwritten by Lumina Foundation for Education, participation at this conference is free, and complimentary breakfast and lunch will be served.

Who can I go to for more information?

Questions about the conference, the Mobile Working Student Collaborative, or the Project on Academic Success (PAS) may be directed to Mary Ziskin, PAS Senior Associate Director, at or by calling (812) 856-1506.